Friday Funk: Detroit Twice

It’s time to get your cool back for the weekend, and tonight’s Friday Funk installment is Detroit Twice by El Michels Affair. And what’s cooler than cinematic soul evoking the Motor City rising again. Back in April, I wrote this after visiting Detroit for the first time:

Midwest spirit and Detroit pride is also very palpable. Everyone is infected with a certain swagger about how the city is rebuilding itself. People are tough, they work hard, and it’s not just because frigid winters keep people focused. It’s because this mindset is just woven into their DNA.

I’m no Detroit historian, but I know the most important part: the heritage of a once-mighty city of industry is also woven into the DNA of its people. And when you combine this with Detroit’s newfound momentum and the Midwest mindset, one unmistakable thing you feel with everyone you talk to: they have something to prove. For themselves and for their city.

Detroit is not f**king around, and as we fast forward 5, 10, 15 years, we will keep hearing its economic engine roar.

Fast forward to this week, and it was Detroit twice for me. I spent the week onboarding The Basis Point’s first Detroit employee, and our engine is already roaring because of it. Lots more on that shortly, but for now let’s just say The Basis Point is not f**king around either, and Detroit is now part of our DNA.

And as for the El Michels Affair, let’s just say they have deep roots with Wu Tang Clan, which will sit well with all our rap fans. But for now, enjoy this cut and keep it cool.

Liner Notes:

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