Friday Funk: Do Your Thing


This was a really hard week, maybe my hardest since launching The Basis Point full time last summer. So tonight I was going to stay home and sulk, but just decided to head over to Oakland to meet a friend and see Orgone live, which I noted one month ago is one of my all-time funk faves.

Friday Funk exists to help us get our cool back for the weekend, and I said this in that post last month:

I push everyone I’m around on this aesthetic and approach too. No False Ideas. Most are mailing it in most of the time with most things they do. And that’s cool for them. But my general attitude is f**k all that.

Try. Push. Always. Because what else is there? What are you saving? For when?

Just seeing that tonight helped me get my cool back, and made me realize that the reason I had such a hard week is because I’m pushing hard, not because I’m failing. It’s a fine line when you’re changing your expectations all the time—and people who do their own thing must struggle through this.

So naturally, Do Your Thing from Orgone’s monster Killion Floor album is tonight’s installment. Do Your Thing. Your way. And keep it cool. This song will ensure that…

Liner Notes:

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