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This week I went to my first big event since the pandemic began. The last trip was NYC early-March 2020, days before lockdowns. Acute pandemic threat seems to be waning, but the risk is still palpable. So tonight’s 109th installment of Friday Funk is Edge Of Fear by UK funk masters Speedometer. Song link below, but fist a word on still living near that edge.

Normalcy finally feels close. It was truly special to see so many old friends and colleagues this week.

Not only is it super productive, but all the cliches are true about humans needing human contact.

I’m the first to rationalize how less face time is hyper productive, and preach three reasons Zoom is genius.

But that was before I did my first big event.

The comforting part: this event’s policy was everyone was vaccinated or tested within 72 hours.

The fear part: What if they weren’t?

Another fear: Tons of folks at this event had been to 3-4 other major events in recent weeks with far less stringent requirements.

And another fear: Today when prepping with teams I’m doing on-stage stuff with at a different live event next week, someone said they just got COVID and they’re still coming.

Yet none of this fear stopped me from hugging it out maskless with so many friends when I saw them this week.

I don’t know if that’s stupid or not.

I just know it’s nice to see people, and that I’m vaccinated and trying to do my best.

I also know that everyone is on the edge of fear about something related to the pandemic.

So let’s be cool to each other out there. People are still raw — even you mouthy political types 😉

With that, here’s Edge of Fear by Speedometer, a ten-piece funk outfit from the UK that started as a quartet around 2005. And now their dance floor funk is responsible for making people cooler all over the world.

May it help you get your cool back for the weekend…

[click image to play ‘Edge Of Fear’]

The Basis Point Friday Funk Speedometer Edge Of Fear - Play It Now_Lion

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