Friday Funk: Goliath


The subheading of Malcom Gladwell’s book David & Goliath is: Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art Of Battling Giants.

I strongly identify with underdogs and misfits, but I don’t fully believe the art is in battling giants.

The real art is aligning with giants. Doing what giants can’t do, and helping them use their strengths.

The advantages of disadvantages.

This has been our playbook at The Basis Point since we went all in almost 12 months ago, and this week was especially huge for us.

Properly aligned with select giants, and everybody wins for the right cause of helping the masses with their money and their lives.

It’s Friday before a holiday weekend, so I’ll save the details for next week.

For now, it’s time to get your cool back for the weekend with tonight’s Friday Funk installment from Monophonics, local cats from just over the Golden Gate from San Francisco.

Goliath is a giant cut from them, true to their meticulous yet raw playbook. Here’s to the underdog advantage.

Liner Notes:

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