Friday Funk: I Feel Good


Soul stalwart Al Green has some funk gems in his catalog, and Friday Funk installment 117 I Feel Good is definitely one of them. Let’s go to Billions season 4, episode 1 to hear what Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades says after playing this song:

Man that preacher can sing. Hmm?

Al Green. The reverend.

But this is before that. This is The Belle Album.

It’s considered by many to be the long player he made as an apology and entreaty to Jesus Christ for the life of the flesh he’d been leading before he joined the ministry.

It’s one of the great Billions scenes in one of the greatest episodes of the show. Damian Lewis who plays Chuck’s nemesis Bobby Axelrod tweeted this about the scene when it first hit:

Chuck’s body language says exactly what needs to be said about I Feel Good: it just makes you feel good.

And that’s what Friday Funk is all about.

Feel good. Get your cool back for the weekend. Come back ready to fight next week.

So click below to give this song a listen.

The Basis Point Friday Funk 117 - I Feel Good by Al Green - Play It Now
Al Green I Feel Good – Play It Now

And as a bonus, here’s Love and Happiness, an Al Green song you all know, which has a horn refrain — first heard at 1:30 — that solidified my funk fandom decades ago.

As for you Billions and metal fans, the episode noted above also also has Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, and Bobby’s lawyer claiming the employee non-compete agreements are “tighter than AC/DC in 1978.”

🤘 Enjoy the weekend, and hit us with your favorite funk songs for future installments.

Liner Notes:

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