Friday Funk: In Your Brain


The Basis Point Friday Funk installment 113 is In Your Brain from the 2012 Monophonics album of the same name, released on cult great label, Ubiquity. This Bay Area outfit is more psychedelic soul than funk at their foundation, but funk is a building block of soul, so allow this selection to reconstruct you after a long week. As you listen, here are 2 ways to think about its title.

1. We’re all in our brains way too much, especially as each week wears on. Getting weighed down by sh!t that doesn’t matter, should matter less, or matters too much. In all cases, if you’re in your brain too much, you can’t handle your sh!t. So step away for a moment. Doing so will almost always provide clarity.

2. With that clarity, you can get closer to finding and doing those epic ideas trapped in your brain. We all spend too much time bogged in the work we must do, delaying the work we want to do. If we allow that too long, our creative cool will drown.

So ponder, listen to this Friday Funk, and get your cool back for the weekend.

Comment or reach out about the song … or any other pent up brilliance in your brain.

The Basis Point Friday Funk Installment 113 - Monophonics - In Your Brain - Play It Now
Monophonics In Your Brain — Play It Now

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