Friday Funk: Keep You Alive


Fast & Furious flicks have turbocharged global box offices for 2 decades, and Fast 9 fuels the legacy as we roll into this long post-pandemic weekend. Big stars, bigger action, and cool music. No wonder we all love it. So tonight’s 107th Friday Funk installment is Fast influenced.

Before Fast 9, we got Hobbs & Shaw in which Jason Statham and The Rock, the brightest stars in the star franchise, flexed on each other throughout. The best part was when Statham set up fake identities for them to travel covertly. Of course he was “Franz Gruber,” a freelance architect, avid mountain climber, and part time ski instructor. And he set up The Rock as “Mike Oxmaul” which is hilarious when see the scene play out.

The song preceding this scene is called Keep You Alive by Brothers Voodoo, a band I can’t find any info on. So while Friday Funk will normally provide deep background on deep cuts, it ain’t happening in tonight’s installment. There’s no record of these cats, but their song Keep You Alive meets our goals indeed, which is this:

For years, I’ve been picking Friday Funk songs to help us all get our cool back for the weekend, and there are two parameters: (1) the song must be legit funk which by definition makes it cool, and (2) it must have a cool name. The name parameter is so I can tie it to themes of the day.

I had Keep You Alive on the list since early 2020, but when the pandemic became acute, its title and theme felt inappropriate. So I’ve held it all this time.

In fact, I held all Friday Funk posts since installment 106 on January 3, 2020. Likewise, it felt inappropriate to be coolhunting when so many were sick and dying.

But as America re-emerges from a profound challenge and we celebrate our undying spirit this Independence weekend, I dedicate Keep You Alive to all of you.

The song is below. Enjoy. And stay tuned as Friday Funk and all other The Basis Point noisemaking gears up again. Lots of exciting stuff coming.

Shout to all you coolhunters who’ve been on Friday Funk since it began. Please comment below if you have any background on Brothers Voodoo!

Liner Notes:

-If you like Friday Funk, here’s the full Spotify playlist and full story archives.

-If you don’t like Friday Funk, please consult our music policy.

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