Friday Funk: Lady Don’t Tek No

Friday Funk isn’t just about getting your cool back for the weekend. It’s about giving shouts to all the influences and inspirations in our world here at The Basis Point. Tonight’s installment is a shout to the woman who’s inspired and enabled The Basis Point to even exist in the first place. My wife Caitlin don’t take no shit from anyone while always winning everyone, so this song is for her as we celebrate a huge anniversary tonight.

The song is Lady Don’t Tek No by Latyrx, a classic all rap fans know. For the rest who don’t, Latyrx is the duo of Lyrics Born and Lateef The Truthspeaker, produced by DJ Shadow—their legendary, funk-heavy first release The Album came out 22 years ago, and holds just as strong today in rap/funk circles, including this song which is an ode to amazing women.

Here’s to my guiding light who helps me get my cool back on a daily basis. And who—Lateef will be glad to know—has been known as Caitlin The Truthspeaker in our house for more years than I care to admit right now.

Liner Notes:

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