Friday Funk: Shifting Sands

Two weeks ago, Friday Funk featured Brooklyn’s Ikebe Shakedown as a sample of red hot funk that’s being made today—it was a friendly reminder to all those who think all the best funk is in the archives. As promised, tonight’s installment is again from Ikebe Shakedown because their third album drops today. The entire album is below, but tonight’s selection is Shifting Sands, which begins at 32:05.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t feel the sands shifting beneath them more and more as everything speeds up. That’s what Friday Funk is all about—a moment to slow down and get your cool back for the weekend so you can turn the shifting sands into your dance floor and own it. So chill out to this cut and this entire new album, appropriately called The Way Home.

Also as an update to last Friday’s selection from George Clinton’s rap files, I’m posting the picture below from his show here in San Francisco on Sunday night. He’s getting old but he’s still the undisputed overseer of interplanetary funk, and I’m thanking my lucky stars I got to see him in my own neighborhood.


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