Fundamentals 10/28: Consumer Inflation Flat

Personal Income and Expenses (September 2011)
-Personal Income, Month/Month +0.1%
-Personal Income, Year/Year +4.4%
-Consumer Spending, Month/Month +0.6%
-Consumer Spending, Year/Year change 5.3%
-Core PCE price index, Month/Month +0.0%
-Core PCE price index, Year/Year +1.6%
-PCE is an inflation measure weighted by actual consumer spending.
-Real Disposable Income is still flat as evidenced in this graph
Real Disposable Income

Employment Cost Index
-ECI, Quarter/Quarter +0.3 %. Previous was +0.7%
-ECI, Year/Year +2.0 %. Previous was +2.2%
-Increases in employment costs are largely due to increased costs of benefits and reflect increased health care costs.