Fundamentals 8/2: Inflation Flat, Consumers Hesitant

Consumer Income, Spending, Inflation (June)
-Personal Income Month/Month: +0.1%
-Personal Income Year/Year: 5.0 %
-Consumer Spending Month/Month: -0.2%
-Consumer Spending Year/Year: 4.4%
-Core PCE Price Index Month/Month: 0.1%
-Core PCE Price Index Year/Year: 1.3%
-“PCE” is Personal Consumption Expenditures: a measure of consumer inflation
-Income grew by smallest amount in 9 months
-Spending slowed first time in almost 2 years
-Savings rose to 5.4%, highest since August 2010
-Monthly income and spending figures indicate economic stagnation
-Inflation is flat
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Retail Sales – Chain Store
-ICSC-Goldman Store Sales Week/Week: -0.3%
-ICSC-Goldman Store Sales Year/Year: 4.0%
-Redbook Store Sales Year/Year: +4.5%

The Debt Thing
I have been offering little commentary on this because I can see nothing of economic significance in the bill. There are not really any spending reductions and taxes were neither increased or decreased. The entire discussion/debate was 98% politics and 2% economics. The fiscally important but politically perilous issues – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security were not even addressed. The best plan to address fiscal policy is Simpson-Bowles which is still being ignored.