Here’s why I’m not even close to mid journey on my AI artwork


The design world is definitely divided on AI. Some say it’ll steal jobs, some say it’s not real art, and some — like me — are embracing AI to create real art and job relevance. Here’s a fun story on my early — not even close to mid — journey on AI design.

A couple months ago I started experimenting with ‘crochet’ as an AI design prompt.

The results were pretty rad.

Here are two examples.

Crocheted motorcycle - Dennis Pettigrew - The Basis Point

Crocheted VW - Dennis Pettigrew - The Basis Point


Then — as a separate, unrelated project — I started experimenting with big brand taglines.

Here’s an Old Spice example I used:

“The original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.”

This is what I got.

Old man with crocheted hoodie - Dennis Pettigrew - The Basis Point

Wait, what?!

Is this just random coincidence?

Or did AI blend in my previous prompts to this totally new prompt?

Is it taking over my brain without me even knowing?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that it’s another rad example of creative progress I’m making by embracing AI experimentation.

Because what is art and creativity if not experimentation?


One last note for today.

A hot theme among folks embracing AI right now is: get good at prompts.

That’s why I’m all in on this meme that’s been floating around the design world.

Clients are the raw material.

We designers — who are mastering AI as a new tool in our arsenal — are the refinery.

Reach out or comment below with your creative thoughts — or needs.

The Basis Point Creative is at your service.




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