Hey Rolex, wanna be cool again? Here’s my ChatGPT Rolex ad rewrite. You’re welcome.


Can a ChatGPT Rolex ad beat the real thing? Umm, yes. With the right human touch.

Check out this comically uptight — and very real — Rolex ad copy:


What makes a Rolex watch exceptional? It is not just the wheels and the cogs, the steel we shape, the gold we forge. It is not just the sum of every part we design, craft, polish and assemble with exquisite skill and constant care. It is all of these, and more. It is the time taken, the skills of many. A demanding, rigorous and perpetual endeavor. In short, it is the quest for excellence. Only then can we print “superlative” on each dial leaving our workshops. It is the mark of our autonomy, our mastery of the entire watchmaking process. And when we have pushed our limits, we push again, striving to be even better.


Anyone who takes this seriously needs to check the times, yo.

Even the machines know this is the height of self-importance.

I asked ChatGPT to rework the ad but throw in these words:

-Dope AF
-Trust fund

This is the ChatGPT Rolex ad rewrite, LOL:


Yo, listen up! What makes a Rolex watch dope AF? It ain’t just the wheels and cogs, or the steel and gold we shape and forge. Nah, it’s everything, and then some. It’s the craftsmanship of our killer artisans, who design, polish, and assemble each piece with precision and care.

Our watches aren’t pretentious bling – they’re artisanal creations, crafted with the utmost attention to detail. They’re not just accessories for boozing on a yacht, but symbols of trust fund dreams and aspirations.

The pursuit of excellence is no joke – it’s a demanding and rigorous endeavor that requires the skills of many. But we’re up for the challenge. We pour our hearts into every watch, striving to exceed expectations and achieve superlative status.

Our autonomy and mastery of the entire watchmaking process are evident in every dial we produce. And when we’ve reached our limits, we push even harder, always striving to be better. That’s what makes a Rolex watch truly dope AF, my friends.


Pour some out for the Rolex ad folk.

And raise ’em up for the funny-ass machines.

I mean, talk about artisanal. This Rolex ad copy belongs in a museum:

They’re not just accessories for boozing on a yacht, but symbols of trust fund dreams and aspirations.

You’re welcome ChatGPT. And Rolex.

The Basis Point humbly presents Rolex Dope AF model using ChatGPT Rolex ad rewrite copy_2


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