Pharrell Williams now heads Louis Vuitton men’s design – no big dumb Arby’s hats please


After wearing a big dumb hat to the Grammys 9 years ago (and selling the hat to Arby’s for over $44K), Pharrell Williams is now wearing one of the fashion world’s biggest crowns as he takes the role of creative director for Louis Vuitton menswear.

His first line will be revealed in June at Fashion Week in Paris. Fingers crossed the LV brass vetoes Arby’s hats!

If you actually do dig hats, you may want to consult this SNL style guide first.

And we’d like to thank Pharrell in advance for working with us on The Basis Point’s new line of neck tattoos 😉


Louis Vuitton picks Pharrell Williams to head menswear designs

Pharrell sells Grammys hat to Arby’s for $44k

Big Dumb Hat – SNL

This isn’t The Basis Point’s first use of neck and face tattoos

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