How many Philly or KC homes can you buy for the price of a Super Bowl ad in 2023?


In case you missed it earlier this week, I’m re-sharing our artwork tribute to 2023 Super Bowl ad trends here. In that post, Robyn noted how many homes you could buy for the price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad in 2023.

Thirty-second ads sell for about $6.5 million, roughly the price of 2 amazing townhouses near Penn’s Landing in Philly or 4 luxury homes in the Kansas City suburbs.

But as Rocket Mortgage CMO and consumer finance marketing master Casey Hurbis notes, the full spend on a Super Bowl ad is more like $20 million after you pay for production costs, celebrity endorsements, and other costs:

“It’s a $20 million, 60-second risk,” Hurbis said (Axios link below).

And don’t miss Robyn’s post about the fate of all those crypto firms who made big bets like this at last year’s Super Bowl.

Spoiler alert: last year was about “fortune favors the brave” and this year fortune favors the buzzed.

Enjoy the game, and tune in to The Basis Point next week as we step up our game in 2023…


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