Let’s argue about millennial and boomer spending habits!

How about I set up your next dinner table argument for you? You’ll thank me later.

Bank of America just came out with research on our spending habits based on its customers’ data. How does it stack up against our preconceived notions of millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers?

Let’s argue and find out!

Based on this chart, you could slam millennials for spending more money on going out to eat than any other generation. We put 23% of our total spending into going out.

Our penny-pinching boomer parents, bless their hearts, spend 14% of their budgets on restaurants. It’s that damn avocado toast that’s keeping millennials poor, clearly!

But millennials can come right back and say baby boomers spend much more money on furniture. It’s just a couch, mom!

Gen X, no one cares about you, so you can just eat in silence.

Let us know how dinner with your parents goes tonight.