Linkage: AI in workplace getting creepy fast

Last week’s Economist was particularly strong. Leading this Sunday Linkage installment with two from there. First is a disturbing take on AI in the workplace and how robots might not replace you, but they will control you and make you behave like them. You can’t make this stuff up. There is a company called Humanyze that works for many Fortune 500 companies already to provide ID badges with microphones to hear everything employees say, Bluetooth and infrared sensors to monitor where they are, and an accelerometer to record when they move. If that’s the definition of humanizing the workplace in the future, the only motivation I get from that is to save all my money so I never have to be forced into such an existence when that time comes.

Second is one every manager and marketer should read about whether a crisis truly damages a company’s value or just distracts management and hurts morale. Great succinct summary of many high profile cases including Facebook, United, Uber, Exxon, Tylenol, etc.

Plus a few other great Sunday reads on rate market, new real estate disruptor REX Real Estate, and bloggers to follow