Linkage: Fintech Dealmaking Edition

There’s been so much deal activity this year and it’s only been 2 months, so below is a big roundup of the key deal activity so far. Also below are key trends in the unbundling and rebundling of financial services.

Hope this helps, and I’ll certainly continue to cover the deals with more deep dives like this and this and this.

Please let me know if you have dealmaking thoughts, themes, and ideas.

For example, what will big banks do? JP Morgan Chase is the big dog on on the hunt for deals while Goldman and Wells are looking a little flatfooted. What deals should Goldman and Wells Fargo do? Or do a deal together?

And which maturing fintechs are next? Plaid competitor Finicity is a great company and would make a great addition to many bigger institutions.

Also is Revolut really worth $5.5 billion, now that it’s one of Europe’s most highly valued startups? Or is it way more, and one of the big banks will buy it? I know HSBC just laid off tens of thousands, but does that mean there’s room for acquisitions, or is that just another distraction?

And what about Varo getting their bank charter? This is still perhaps the biggest news of 2020.

Lots more ideas in the links below.

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