Linkage: SoFi loses the avocado toast touch

Today’s Linkage is all about too-damn-high rent, what makes us happy, people trying to mess with Warren Buffett, and trouble at SoFi, a millennial-focused “bank.”

The top 10 most expensive places to rent a 1-bedroom apartment are all on the U.S. coasts. Not just Bay Area and NYC either—Boston, D.C., Miami, and Seattle round out the list alongside the usual suspects.

Enter the rent control political standoffs. New York state is debating 9 different rent control bills and Oregon passed statewide rent control earlier this year.

With rent and other money issues weighing us down, what makes us happy? The pop psychology phrase “arrival fallacy” might explain why homeowners sometimes regret buying a home. Arrival fallacy is thinking you’ll find lasting happiness once you’ve “made it,” then the joy fades when you arrive.

So what does make us happy? The Arrival Fallacy guy says it’s quality time with loved ones. So don’t sacrifice family time for that big break at work if being happy is truly your goal. Sounds great, as long as your family pays the bills!

The rest of Linkage has some good stuff on people coming at Warren Buffet and marketing exec turnover at everyone’s favorite hip student lender. Check it out below.

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