STAT FIGHT! Is grass greener for homeowners or renters?


Most homebuyers have some regret about owning a home, while almost half of renters wish they owned, but a majority don’t.

Time to slug it out in a haves and have nots STAT FIGHT! Is the grass greener homeowners or renters?

Let’s look at the numbers.

Zillow just said only 8% of homeowners actually regret buying their homes, but that 36% of homeowners had no idea maintaining a home would be so much work. The next most common complaint was not being able to get up and move somewhere else whenever you want.

Cry me a river.

Check out the full list of complaints here. Homeowner regrets are all about financial education, which we’ve covered before.

And now the flip side.

55% of renters said they don’t regret renting. The 45% that do regret renting are definitely primed for homeownership—they care about building equity and they want to make home improvements.

I wonder how many in the fixer-upper category end up crying DIY tears when they can’t just yell at their landlord to fix their broken fridge…

These stats say the cliches are right.

You don’t know what you’ve got it till it’s gone, and the grass is always greener on the other side.

Once you start the home ownership journey, you realize how easy it was to not have to deal with repairs. And when you’re renting and binge watching HGTV, DIY projects sound really fun until your tenth trip to Home Depot as a homeowner.

Am I wrong?

I doubt it, but you’re welcome to have a STAT FIGHT with me about it. You might regret it, though…

45% of Renters Wish They Owned (Zillow)

Unexpected Repairs and Maintenance Top the List of Regrets for Homeowners (Zillow)




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