Linkage: The Economist’s 2019-2020 Core Themes

My first few 2020 Linkage posts will organize 2019 stories with core themes carrying into 2020. Linkage exists to curate and track core themes with 5-10 links. But these first few posts will be longer as I log this stuff for reference later.

Today’s post is an Economist special edition since they’re the best in the biz. All links below are core themes The Basis Point and its readers care about. If you’re not an Economist subscriber and run out of free clicks, let me know and I’ll share key points with you.

Links below there are in 5 sections so you can scroll right to your favorite core themes:

– Banking & Fintech Stuff

– Market Outlook & Structure Stuff

– Political & Regulatory Stuff

– Media & Marketing Stuff

– Career, Startup & Entrepreneur Stuff

Happy reading…

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