LOL! JP Morgan Chase & McDonalds CEOs explain how they’ll use ChatGPT


The Onion is, of course, all over the ChatGPT frenzy, and they just did a funny slide show with lots of big corporate CEOs explaining how they’ll use ChatGPT. Below are two that made me laugh out loud. One from JP Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, and one from McDonald’s Chris Kempczinski.

I’m linking to the rest at the bottom. Also including a link to how Zillow — for real — just started using AI in a very cool way.

Hope you enjoy, and please reach out or chime in below comments.


How Will CEOs Use ChatGPT - Jamie Dimon 'quoted' by The Onion - via The Basis Point


How Will CEOs Use ChatGPT - McDonalds CEO 'quoted' by The Onion - via The Basis Point


The Onion: CEOs Explain How They’ll Use ChatGPT

Zillow’s new AI finds your dream home faster than ChatGPT can write you an affordability rant

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