Mario takes box office coins but who’d win a John Wick vs. Super Mario fight?


Super Mario Bros coin bonus as movie box offices races past $700m - The Basis Point

The box office war between John Wick 4 ($350m) and Super Mario Bros. ($700m) was won by Mario, and the Mario coin will rack up again this weekend. But you gotta wonder who’d win in a John Wick vs. Super Mario fight.

I mean, John Wick can take out opponents with a pencil. But Mario can transform to superhuman sizes and speeds and just squash you.

So on the back of 420 and the front of a new box office weekend, it’s worth pondering a John Wick vs. Super Mario fight.

Both are in my demographic, but I’m feeling Wick’s personal style way more. So I’ve got his back on this one.

And Dennis has some killer illustrations above and below to help you think through your answer.

John Wick vs. Super Mario Bros - who would win in a fight between John Wick and Mario - The Basis Point


– One of the best answers so far, from a mortgage pro reading our newsletter:

“John Wick would win in a fight but Mario will never die!”


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