Linkage: core lending market themes

My phone and desktop browser tabs are out of control with stories I normally put into this Originations linkfest. So here goes a big list from in (mostly) reverse chronological order. These are all topics that are ongoing themes in lending markets, so I couldn’t close tabs before saving these for posterity:

-Startups Crash Real Estate Brokerage Market (WSJ

-How regulations are changing banking culture (WSJ)

-The mighty Josh Brown says banks should love how regulations are preserving their low-innovation culture (ReformedBroker)

-Mortgage default probabilities by Agency, FHA, Non-Agency (Urban Institute)

-Will Fannie/Freddie need another bailout? Great analysis by Joe Light (WSJ)

-And more good analysis by Joe Light on non-agency mortgage market (WSJ)

-Ridiculously awesome church-turned-home that sold in SF earlier this year (651 Dolores, SF)

-Speaking of which: High End Sales Will Continue To Slide in SF, NYC (CoreLogic)

-Subprime securitization is back, here’s what it consists of (NationalMortgageNews)

-VIDEO: Merle Hazard sings Hee-Haw style about interest rates (Youtube)

-Is there really any difference between marketplace lenders and traditional financial companies? (AmericanBanker)

-Are we at the start of a major move higher in yields? (Global Macro Trading)

-The recent wage growth conundrum (SF Fed)

-Fastest wage growth pace for 25-54 year olds since 2009 (Bloomberg)

-Great primer on labor force participation by Bill McBride (CalculatedRisk)

-Unicorns will shed blood but casualties will be less than expected (Zack Mansfield)

-Why TRUMP MORTGAGE failed (Washington Post)

-Tips on home related tax deductions–nothing new in here, just noting it because even WSJ needs clicks (WSJ)

-Guaranteed Rate ordered to pay smaller mortgage company $23m for file theft (Reuters)

-What the $14 trillion mortgage market has in common with Tinder (TheStreet)

-Lenders freaking out about London property market woes (Bloomberg)

-NYC real estate market about to crash according to CNBC OG Ron Insana (CNBC)

-VIDEO: John Oliver on credit reports. A must watch (YouTube)

-How to master shopping for a mortgage online (Money)

-What Fintech gets wrong about mortgage. Spoiler alert: compliance (NationalMortgageNews)

-Lending Club knew about and was warned by investors about their compliance issues (Bloomberg)

-Conflicts of interest in the marketplace lender struggles of late (Josh Brown)

-How a low credit score can derail a jumbo mortgage (Jumbo Jungle)

-Why are both sides happy in Zillow vs. Move battle? (HousingWire)

And finally, this one is the thing I’ve been struggling with the most for about 3 years now. It’s probably the shortest read on this list, and the most universally useful…

-Productivity is less about time management than about mind management (Dave Kadavy)




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