Linkage: Weekend Reading List

Sidetracked by market chaos so here’s my first Originations linkfest in a couple days. Most intriguing to me tonight are the S&P 500 correlations to Treasuries. As for Europe, I put the pieces in order starting with quick reads and ending with Michael Lewis’ full piece as weekend reading. Here you go…

-Yes You Should Worry About Europe (John Carney, CNBC)
-What Europe’s Short-Selling Ban Means. Will It Work? (Heidi Moore)
-Q&A: Fate of Europe’s Economy (Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair)
-Full Piece: Fate of Europe’s Economy (Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair)
-Sometimes Inflation Is Not Evil (Floyd Norris, NYT)
-10 Myths Politicians Want You To Believe (Barry Ritholtz)
-CHARTS: S&P 500 vs. 30yr Bond, Gold, Dollar, Oil (TheArmoTrader)
-CHART: S&P 500 Yield Exceeds 10yr Note Yield (KidDynamite)
-10yr Real Yields = 0.00% (LendingTree Chief Economist)

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