Robinhood raised $323 million, so we know at least 2 millennials are getting rich!

We spend a lot of time wondering if all these hip finance apps that have tons of money will make broke millennials like me rich. But at the very least, the 2 millennials at the top of Robinhood, the current king of investing apps, are in the money. Robinhood raised $323 million to turn the company into a full-blown bank.

The extra cash will help Robinhood negotiate with regulators and continue to grow. That’s good for them, because they kinda forgot about the regulatory stuff last year.

Got some time to kill the rest of the day? Then dive into Wired’s long read on why a modern-day Pablo Escobar might be the guy behind Bitcoin. If he is, you can guarantee Hollywood will make a movie about him. Then you can tell your friends you knew about it before it was cool.

In real estate news, home prices are up 5% from last May. If you’re sitting on a home and not sure how to best get rid of it, will now show you all the home trade-in options you could want.

But the biggest real estate news of the week is massive real estate company Realogy teaming up with Amazon. Amazon will feed potential homebuyers who shop on its site to Realogy brokers.

If Realogy closes the deal, the homebuyer gets a few thousand bucks in Amazon credit to furnish their home. And buy an Alexa, Amazon hopes.

Basically, Realogy realized Amazon is a huge lead generator and is paying for the privilege of connecting with you via Amazon. They’re right—most people actually start product searches on Amazon, not Google. So you would-be homebuyers might want to consider renewing Amazon Prime.

Watch this space, as we’re about to go way deeper on this deal, why Robinhood raised $323 million and more.

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