See what Brex AI for CFOs & finance teams looks like, and how it helps expense reports & budgeting


Brex AI will help finance teams and employees with expense reports and budgeting_2 - The Basis Point

Brex came up by offering credit cards to startups, then went big, competing against Visa, Mastercard, Amex for big corporate customers. They also do various financial services for small and big companies, which now include AI to help with expense reports and other budgeting questions that CFOs and finance teams get.

In an announcement today, Brex outlines these capabilities, and with all the AI hype out there, this one feels useful since everyone has to deal with budgets and expenses.

The Brex announcement outlines the new services, and like a lot of other things they’ve done, definitely have a UX that bests the incumbents. See above for screenshots.

AI fever is scorching in 2023, and lots of the hype is unlikely to live up (like Salesforce AI dumbing down marketers) but it looks like Brex has found a pragmatic use.

On a related note, we recently covered whether startups like Brex or incumbents like Amex are better at expense reports and credit cards.

Brex is launching AI tools for CFOs and their team with OpenAI. Here's a rundown with screenshots.

Check It Out:

Brex Brings Groundbreaking Tools to Finance Teams With OpenAI

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