Slack ChatGPT will now talk to colleagues for you. Finally, LOL!


Slack ChatGPT bot will talk to your colleagues for you - just like in HBO Silicon Valley_2 - The Basis Point

Season 6 of HBO’s Silicon Valley was back in the olden days of 2019, before AI went mainstream. But they were ahead of the game, and there’s a hilarious sequence where Dinesh is Slacking with Gilfoyle all day before he realizes he’s been chatting with AI Gilfoyle. Fast forward an entire era — I mean 4 years — and Slack is ready with it’s ChatGPT bot to deal with your colleagues for you. Finally! LOL.

There were some things about that show that didn’t move fast enough. For example, in season 1, they had a storyline about a $10 million fundraise for a startup with just an idea and zero team. They thought the amount was too high, but went with it for satire and by the time the show aired, that amount was way too small relative to market reality.

On the AI topic, it took a bit longer for reality to catch up to Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley fiction, but now reality is indeed stranger. But maybe we can make it as funny. I can’t wait to see what people do with this.

Below is a link to the LOL video on what Silicon Valley did with it. Plus there’s a briefing from Slack on their ChatGPT initiative, and a link to The Verge’s Emma Roth on the new Slack ChatGPT bot.


Slack’s new ChatGPT bot will talk to your colleagues for you

Slack ChatGPT bot as described by the Slack team

LOL VIDEO: Dinesh chats w Gilfoyle AI in HBO’s Silicon Valley

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