STAT FIGHT! want to have money when you’re old? Don’t have kids!


Gather around everybody, it’s time for another STAT FIGHT with your family and friends! Usually Spencer makes fellow millennials mad at their parents, but now we’re turning the tables to make current and future parents resent their kids!

Check out the above chart CNBC put together from government data on household savings. My fellow Youngs are all crammed into the leftmost category. We’re barely a factor here because we’re so broke.

But check out how much money childless retirees have saved up! Once you hit that sweet retirement age of 65+, childless couples end up with a lot more cash in the bank.

If you dream of old age under a palm tree (or at least chilling in your own home with cash in the bank), it’s time to school your better half about the future of the family tree.

If you’re pre-kid and getting pressure, don’t forget about you. What about the things you still want to do?

And if you’re already raising kids and sprouting a midlife crisis, this chart will help color other grass greener.

Or is all that money useless if you’re too old to make good use of it?

And can you really put a price tag on the joy of kids?

As the oldest of 7 kids, Spencer wouldn’t trade his childhood with siblings for anything and his parents wouldn’t either. And as a father of a 10 year old, Julian is convinced being a dad-brother is indeed priceless.

But if that golden retirement is what really speaks to you, then come strapped with this chart to dinner tonight.

This chart shows how much money Americans have in savings at every age (CNBC)




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