The Basis Point: brought to you by Julian Hebron

No, that title isn’t a blatant search optimization tactic (though it can’t hurt). It’s a subject header to test TheBasisPoint’s new email machine. To all mail newsletter readers over the years: I want thank you, and let you know that me and my amazing team will now bring you market commentary using TheBasisPoint and its new email product.

Look forward to (and need!) your feedback as you get periodic emails so we can continually improve. Below is a sampling of TheBasisPoint’s daily content (including the fun stuff) that emails are pulled from. Thanks again to everyone for supporting us!

WeeklyBasis: market recap & outlook with rates, published Saturdays

DailyBasis: daily views on hot market & regulatory topics

Fundamentals: daily economic stat roundup

Originations: daily links to web’s best consumer-friendly market insights

Pop Culture: superficial and deep takes on movies, TV, books, web

Workplace: anecdotes and snark on everyone’s least/most loved pastime

bTunes: music matching market moods

Media Analysis: views on everyone’s primary obsession