The Basis Point Turns 9 Today


I’ve always measured The Basis Point more by milestones than a specific blogiversary date, but today jumped out at me because it was this day 9 years ago that I bought the domain.

Big milestones of the last era were documented here when The Basis Point joined the Stocktwits blog network back in December 2011. From then until mid-2013, it was off to the races and there was no time for milestones–just nonstop daily writing and networking.

All of that activity ultimately led to a big job offer at a big bank. At the time, it was hard to swallow the irony that the public persona I’d built resulted in opportunities that required me to eliminate my public persona. But Phil Pearlman and Justin Paterno reminded me that the whole point of all the activity is to create new opportunities.

So The Basis Point went on “life support” mode–only daily economic indicator posts by my friend Dick Lepre–from mid-2013 to present while I pursued opportunities that kept me away until now.

Meanwhile, Stocktwits grew enough to ditch the blogs, and all online news flow has sped up exponentially, making it very daunting to think about rebuilding an audience as I re-engage after 3.5 years.

I’ve stayed pretty sharp writing for Zillow, but as I’ve noted, writing long-shelf-life consumer pieces is a different discipline than high volume blogging with a voice that doesn’t suck.

For those still following me on social, I want you to know how grateful I am for your support, and I assure you those streams will improve. I’ve gotten much deeper into the lending industry so I hope it’ll show, and I’m still convinced there’s room for me because lending has never been a space with much of a voice.

There’s some great news and data (Mortgage News Daily, HousingWire, National Mortgage News, Inside Mortgage Finance to name a few), and the rest is mostly lead generation content–formulaic explainer posts/sites typically written by people who aren’t in lending but sell lenders access to their audience. I can’t knock lead gen folks: the money is real. But I intend to rebuild my audience like I used to: by keeping it real.

So I hope you join me as as I find my voice again and put The Basis Point back on the national map before its 10th blogiversary.