Here Are My Top 10 Writing Excuses. Inexcusable?


I had a terrible run of writing in May. It’s mostly due to one reason, but I realized that many reasons conspire against me when it comes to writing. Here’s my top 10 writing excuses:

1. I’m traveling or busy with big projects at work.

2. I don’t have enough time between other deadlines to knock out a piece.

3. I need to spend time with my family.

4. I have bills, errands, and/or other personal business to take care of.

5. I heard the latest out of Washington and need to read reaction and backlash.

6. I just need to ‘quickly’ check X, IG, FB.

7. I’m sick or need to pace myself so I don’t get sick.

8. I spilled food on my jacket and need to surf for new clothes.

9. I’m having car trouble and need to surf for new cars.

10. I need to watch The Gentlemen show and movie over again, to see which is better.

The question is: are these legit reasons or just excuses? Let’s run it down.

Item 1 is legit if I’m busy with big projects, which I often am. But it’s not legit if I’m traveling because I still have all my writing technologies with me.

Items 2, 5, 6 are straight up excuses.

Take item 2: I feel like I’m too pressed to write well quickly so instead I kill what little spare time I have on 5 and 6.

It’s rarely fulfilling almost always a waste of time. Those short bursts add up, and if I channeled that properly into writing, it would actually make my social media time more fulfilling because the act of writing helps research and formulate views rather than that mindless, angry, anxious but-for-some-reason-can’t-stop-scrolling feeling you get staring at your feeds.

Items 3 and 4 are legit. But they can also be excuses if I don’t manage the rest of my day properly. There’s room for everything if you manage your day properly.

Item 7 can be legit if you’re actually sick, like I’ve struggled with this year. Total nightmare. I wish I could just work through bouts like this but I can’t. There’s nothing less inspiring than feeling horrible.

Items 8 and 9 are procrastination and never an actual priority if you’re being honest with yourself. But I often pretend they’re priorities, plus I enjoy consumerism.

Item 10 is named after my current TV binge of choice. Nobody is immune from this (unless you’re one of those intolerables who likes to tell everyone how you don’t watch TV), but that doesn’t make it legit as much as I’d like it to. I just love to watch TV. But watching a lot of stuff doesn’t do anything for you in the end.

Anyway, just leaving this post for when I need a reminder that I always get more out of writing than other media activities.

My takeaway: there are almost no proper excuses for not writing.

What are your top excuses for not writing?

Or better yet, what are your top methods for writing more?

Let me know!


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