Total Loss

The San Francisco is so thick with smoke this morning, it was hard to breathe taking my kid to school. The smoke is from devastating fires just north that turned thousands of houses, cars, and business to ash. We started smelling the smoke Sunday night, and during the course of yesterday, we learned about friends who’ve lost their homes and neighborhoods. How they were forced to grab their kids and run. We won’t know the extent of the details yet from our friends because some are too mired in the aftermath, and some haven’t even been able to re-enter their areas yet.

The refrain is so common during a disaster: hear the news, check in on friends, thankfully they are fine. Not this time. This time comes with total loss for people we’re very close to. We’re just waiting to talk to them when they can. My heart aches for everyone who has to endure something like this. It happens too often, and I just want people to know that my heart and mind are with them. I’ll do whatever I can to help you stay strong and rebuild.