WTF! Ford repossession patent makes ‘smart’ cars lock you out for late payments?


When you’re a kid, ‘the future’ seems so cool, right?

I remember Saturday mornings in Strawberry Shortcake PJs with a bowl of Lucky Charms (marshmallows last), watching The Jetsons and daydreaming about how great it would be someday when I had a robot maid and a flying car that folds into a briefcase (Don’t know what a briefcase is? Google it. Right after you google The Jetsons*).

Fast forward a few decades and ‘the future’ is a bit different than I pictured.

Instead of taking out the garbage, robots are taking our jobs.

And instead of flying us to work, collapsing into briefcases (or backpacks), and hanging under desks while we work, our cars can now refuse to let us in.

Wait. What?!

Yup. A Ford repossession patent would make it so autonomous and semi-autonomous cars could disable air-conditioning or even drive themselves to the repo lot if they think you’re ignoring delinquency notices.

And with 83.7% of Americans making $100k+/yr living paycheck to paycheck, it’s pretty easy to be at risk here.

So now, how many of us are going to show up for work sweaty and stinky from no AC, or miss work altogether because our cars repo’d themselves?

Seriously, WTF?

Careful what you wish for, I guess.

First, it was apartments that could potentially lock tenants out of their homes if they weren’t keeping up with rent payments.

And now, your own car can turn against you. Et tu, Ford Flex?

What’s next? Pay before you poop?


Ford patent would remotely repossess cars, shut off A/C if owner misses payments

– Ford repossession patent: official USPTO application

What happens when your landlord decides you have to live in a smart apartment?

* To all my people who DO know the Jetsons, ummm, when are we getting a remake?! This is all I could find.

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