Henry Blodget

The New Financial Media Moguls: Blodget, Lindzon

Finance superblog BusinessInsider (BI) and financial media juggernaut Reuters butted heads again last week after a $7m capital raise by BI. In a piece on Felix Salmon’s blog, Reuter’s again accused Henry Blodget’s BI of being mere aggregator instead of legit financial news outfit. Salmon played this card 18 months ago too. What I wrote

Bank of America’s ‘Stated-Income’ Book Value

Today Henry Blodget examines why Bank of America is getting hammered. Most telling is this statement: Bank of America has about $222 billion of “book value”–the amount that’s supposedly left over when you subtract Bank of America’s stated liabilities from its stated assets. Countrywide, which was taken over by Bank of America, was the 800

3 Reasons Henry Blodget Will Be The Next Media Mogul

Last week BusinessInsider editor in chief Henry Blodget wrote a Twitter Manifesto, or Tweetifesto as he called it, about his position on investigative journalism that can best be summarized like this: Blodget likes hard journalism but it’s not profitable enough. It’s been 9 days so most have missed or forgotten the 30 tweets (below) comprising

Henry Blodget’s Team Explains Facebook $1b Revenues In 27 Words

The Business Insider, besides being a good blog run by former Merrill internet stock analyst Henry Blodget, also has a separate research arm called TBI Research. Melding media company with internet/media industry analysis company is a smart business model because it increases revenues without needing to be regulated (much like industry analysis firms such as