Robots don’t remodel kitchens. That’s why 95% of contractors don’t sweat AI taking jobs. Are they right?


Thumbtack, a company that pairs homeowners with skilled home services pros, surveyed workers ages 18-30 and showed these folks are psyched about careers in skilled trades like home building and renovating. Key findings include less AI job risk, low probability for student debt, and entrepreneurial potential.

The chart above shows 4 key stats that get at this support for skilled trade jobs.

Most notable is 95% of survey respondents love the idea of skilled trade jobs because AI can’t take these jobs as easily.

And they’re absolutely right. A robot isn’t redoing your kitchen or crawling under your sink to fix it anytime soon.

The chart above also shows that 92-93% of all skilled trade workers surveyed are excited about career growth and learning new skills and tech.

This is especially encouraging among the 18-30 year-old age group within the survey because bringing new tech to these skilled trades is perfectly suited to these tech-native workers coming into the industry fresh.

Robots don’t remodel kitchens, but AI can help plan the process and present options to homeowners, and younger workers are going to lead this charge.

Then there’s the chart below showing the entrepreneurial potential and lower student loan burden potential in skilled trades.

Young adults age 18-30 are correct in their assessment that skilled trades offer:

– More flexible schedules

– Faster, cheaper education with little to no student debt

– Quicker entry into the workforce, and the ability to be your own boss

All of these are critical for young people, useful to parents guiding these young people, and a huge positive for the future of the skilled trade industry in this tech disruption era.

Good on Thumbtack to provide this data showing not everyone is striving to be a student debt-saddled office assassin hurling perilously toward quiet quitting.


Young People Want Skilled Trades Careers — So What’s Stopping Them? (Thumbtack)




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