But seriously, how close are we to a fully digital mortgage?

Push button, get mortgage. That’s how getting a home loan works these days, right? It’s 2019, so obviously we have a fully digital mortgage process.

That’s what the guy from the comedy show tells me on TV!

The reality is it’s not that simple. A fully digital mortgage goes way beyond just your loan application. You might apply for a loan on a fancy app, but the guts of the mortgage industry are still pretty old school—for now.

Your loan officer still has to spend a lot of time chasing paperwork that they should be using to answer your questions. That’s what a digital mortgage is—not a replacement of the human you’d work with, but tech that makes both of your lives easier.

The lending industry has been chasing a fully digital mortgage for about 26 years, and now it’s closer than ever to changing the way you finance your home.

Julian just did a HousingWire webinar with Fannie Mae and Blend that chronicles the quarter century journey to a fully digital mortgage.

If you’re thinking about buying and financing a home in the next few years, this one’s worth watching—a totally accessible deep dive into the most important phases of how Wall Street, Main Street, Washington, and Silicon Valley have all come together over the last few decades to try to get this right.

Check out the webinar here.

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