Climate change homebuying, ice cream vs. Disney, how to buy WeWork stock

Millennials are coming of homebuying age in a time where the effects of climate change are clearer than ever. Record-setting temperatures and horrific natural disasters are the norm for us.

So it makes sense that we buy homes with that knowledge in the background. A new Zillow report says almost two-thirds of the under-35 crowd think climate change will personally affect their homes and communities in their lifetimes.

This news comes after a Zillow report said $451 billion worth of U.S. homes are at risk of climate change-induced flooding.

One thing that’s apparently cooling off is finance startup fundraising. After a string of record-setting years, fintech startups are starting to pull in less capital in their investor raises, according to a report by Accenture.

The rest of today’s headlines wouldn’t make you think that, though. The disgraced former CEO of SoFi, Mike Cagney, is trying to raise $100 million for his new startup. A homebuying startup just raised $141m (although a good portion of that is a loan, not equity).

And in the most millennial thing ever, the team behind the Museum of Ice Cream popup raised $40m because Disney’s parks aren’t Instagrammable enough.

All this and more in today’s Linkage.

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