Friday Funk: Cool And Steady And Easy

Me and Spencer repped our team at meetings in New York all week, with Brooklyn as our home base. For all my steady New York visits over the years, I never hit Brooklyn, but it’s way cool and the trains make it way easy. So the only choice for tonight’s Friday Funk installment is Cool And Steady And Easy from Brooklyn Funk Essentials. The whole album from 1995.

For all my steady Friday Funk over the years, I’ve only done Brooklyn Funk Essentials one other time in September 2017, and there are two notables from that piece: (1) that this band/album was a seminal discovery early in my funk fandom that inspired countless other funk discoveries, and (2) the song title of that selection — The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain — was the inspiration for a story I’d started back then (18 months ago!) about why the financial technology revolution was postponed 20 years.

I decided not long after to postpone that piece. Needed to let some big trends play out, and now it’s finally happening. So I’ve finally started revisiting it, and we will release it soon.

For now, get your cool back for the weekend with this album and remember: nothing worth doing is never actually easy until you’ve remained steady at it long enough. Then it starts to look easy to others, which inspires you to push harder, and the cycle feeds on itself.

Liner Notes:

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