SNL/Funny or Die Video: Ex-Presidents Lay Out Financial Reform For Obama

Funny or Die has taken the activist route by adding a ‘contact your senator’ message at the end of this hilarious video where the last 5 ex-presidents (as portrayed by Saturday Night LIve actors) visit Obama to give financial reform advice. So have a laugh then bug your Senator.

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  1. Sugarleg says:

    I especially like Ron Howard's voiceover at the end. Long live Funny or Die.

  2. My favorite part was George W saying it took him a few times to remember the door code: 1-2-3-4. It doesn't get better than Ferrell doing W.

  3. Sugarleg says:

    and was he polishing his shoes with a throw pillow? L O L

  4. Jim Carey was pretty funny too.

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