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Entrepreneur: the magazine that sues entrepreneurs

Anyone interested in branding should read this BusinessWeek piece from a couple weeks ago (link below). It’s about how Entrepreneur magazine sues entrepreneurs who use the name “entrepreneur” in their business names. That part alone is worth the read, but even more interesting is what their actions teach us about trademark law. Trademarks are intended

$34.6 Million Billion Dollar Business Idea: The Ice Cream Glove

With 9.4% unemployment, 6.7m jobs lost since the recession began, and another 8.8m workers forced into part time work, perhaps it’s time to think about the big idea … that massive money maker that’ll put you on easy street for life. It’s simple: meet with a business coach to develop your idea, pitch it to

Venture Firm Sequoia To Startups: ‘Get Real or Go Home’

In a presentation this week (see below), marquee venture capital firm Sequoia Capital shared a well-substantiated but grim view of the strength of the consumer and the broader economy going forward. They instructed startups to ‘spend every dollar as if it was their last’ and to ‘get real or go home.’ This is a good