Mark Zuckerberg

420 Fun Fact: Facebook’s Stoner Legacy

Today is 420, a national stoner holiday. Here in San Francisco, the East end of Golden Gate Park—shown as Sharon Meadow on maps and known as Hippie Hill to locals—will look like a concert as masses gather to puff, listen to the drum circle, and generally bask in stoner-y bliss. And similar gatherings small and

Julian Assange On Mark Zuckerberg As Time ‘Person Of The Year’

“I [Julian Assange] give you private information on corporations for free and I’m a villain. Mark [Zuckerberg] gives your information to corporations for money and he’s man of the year.” This is a cringingly accurate portrayal of Assange by Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader (video below). Unlike The Daily Show, SNL goes for pure jokes