WATCH & LOL: Zuckerbot coming for Zillow

Whether you love him, hate him, or pick through his trash, you can’t deny Mark Zuckerberg is kind of a weirdo.

One of our industry insider friends clearly agrees. After reading our latest about Zuck moving in on Zillow’s turf, he shared this surveillance footage he covertly captured of Zuckerbot soothing Congress ahead of the real estate robot war he’s mounting.

Watch and laugh. And we agree with our guerrilla video producer: the humans must prevail.

And for one more laugh at Zuck’s expense, here’s a favorite meme of ours…


Uh, did Facebook just say it’s competing with Zillow now?

Zillow is real estate industry’s biggest frenemy (HousingWire w The Basis Point)

Should Zillow be worried about Facebook’s housing plans? (Marketwatch w The Basis Point)

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