Friday Funk: Unbroken, Unshaven


The Basis Point Friday Funk installment 112 is Unbroken, Unshaven by Budos Band, who sets the tone for metal-infused funk. There are others out there with this style, but Budos is the OG, formed 18 years ago. All great funk is about heaviness, and they’re among the heaviest.

So when sh!t gets heavy — like it has for me, family, and friends this year — Budos in heavy rotation lightens the load.

Unbroken, Unshaven is a reminder to hold strong after being away from my wife and kid for a month to care for another family member. It’s part 3 in a series (here’s 1 and 2) on this theme.

Me and my sister were supposed to see Budos last weekend with our spouses, but obviously missed it. So I dedicate it to my brother-in-law Nico who still went, and my friend AR, a fellow music nut who took my ticket — and who needs light spots to move through an especially heavy family situation. Placing some pics from them below.

I hope this helps all of you get your cool back for the weekend. And let’s never let life’s pressures break us.

Huge shout to Dennis for the Friday Funk ‘Play It Now’ artwork tribute to The Budos Band…

The Basis Point Friday Funk Installment 112 - Budos Band - Unbroken Unshaven - Play It Now
Budos Band Unbroken, Unshaven – Play It Now
Liner Notes:

– If you like Friday Funk, here’s full Spotify playlist and Friday Funk archives.

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I missed The Budos Band show last Saturday, but my brother-in-law took this live shot.

The Basis Point Friday Funk - Budos band Berkeley Feb 2023, UC Theater live shot

And my friend AR took this pic of the UC Theatre in Berkeley marquee for posterity.

The Basis Point Friday Funk - Budos band Berkeley Feb 2023, UC Theater marquee

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