Friday Funk: Stand By Your Brother


The Basis Point Friday Funk installment 111 is Orgone’s Stand By Your Brother, a funk-rock anthem best summarized by this Bandcamp description: “tough, punchy, and hard hitting production that’s both headbanging-ly satisfying and eminently groovy.”

Orgone’s entire May 2022 Lost Knights album has this funk-rock mood. And there’s no better creativity than perfectly combining two things most can’t even fathom combining in the first place. So, I humbly offer Stand By Your Brother to get your cool back for the weekend.

Along with the headbanging groove, Stand By Your Brother lyrics remind me to hold strong through a tough family care situation. I’ve been away from my wife and kid for almost a month, and missed a long-planned Orgone show with my wife last week. But I asked my son to get a shot of the marquee, and he crushed it (see below). And my wife sent a pic of the show (also below) with a simple text “everyone was tall” – LOL!

Thanks to my wife and son — and my sister, the family care team MVP — for standing by me. I hope my actions show I stand by you too.

And as always, huge shout to Dennis for the Friday Funk ‘Play It Now’ artwork to tribute Orgone…

The Basis Point Installment 111 - Orgone - Stand By Your Brother - Play It Now
Orgone Stand by Your Brother – Play It Now
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I couldn’t go to this show last Saturday, but my son took this pic for me.

Orgone at The Independent - San Francisco Feb 10, 2023 - The Basis Point

And my wife took this pic of the live set — “everyone was tall”

Orgone at The Independent 2 - San Francisco Feb 10, 2023 - The Basis Point

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