Kanye vs. building codes, Robinhood OK in UK, zombie debts eating your wallet

We made it to another Friday! Let’s celebrate with a roundup of topical conversation starters (Kanye, for one) that will make you sound smart at your local drinking place.

First up, some economic news. Fannie Mae runs a monthly survey of how people are feeling about the economy and homebuying, and people are pretty stoked on their jobs right now. There was an 8% rise in people who were confident they won’t lose their job.

That means people are starting to key in on the fact that the economy isn’t adding enough jobs compared to job openings, and feel safer about their job security.

The data shows that trend isn’t stopping, either—8,000 fewer people filed for unemployment last week than the previous week.

That doesn’t mean it’s all rosy, however. Consumer debt, the current economic growth driver, is growing steadily, which isn’t by itself a bad thing.

But crafty debt collectors are figuring out tricks to make old debts come back to haunt you. Check out the Washington Post story on zombie debts and double-check if you think you’re in the clear on some old balances.

And finally, a story uniquely crafted for the rap and real estate nerds at The Basis Point. Kanye West’s plan to make prototype affordable housing units ran into some regulatory trouble. Apparently, he forgot to get permits to build in the California suburb he’s developing. Oh well, happens to the best of us.

Luckily, fintech darlings Robinhood figured out its approach with regulators and got clearance to operate in the United Kingdom.

All this and more in today’s Linkage. Have a great weekend.

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