Beastie Boys

Watch how it’s done boy. It looks easy.

Back in May I said I’d comment on the new Beastie Boys album once I had a chance to process it. Not all long-term pros make handiwork of the impossible, so I like to study each person’s craft before commenting or committing. That goes for my music and my business partners. I’ll focus my Beastie

Linkage: TheBasisPoint Shout-Outs & Gratitude

On this Beastie Boys new album release day, today’s links are about gratitude—proper respect to early supporters of TheBasisPoint, and proper appreciation for artists who’ve inspired my work ethic and creative drive for 25 years. I already posted their entire new album stream, and I’ll comment after I buy the album in an actual store.

Linkage: Listen to new Beastie Boys album

If I link to a story on copyright and trademark infringement, am I infringing? What will the next round of Fed easing look like? Or will we find out tomorrow that the Fed’s done helping? And does a jobless recovery mean housing will improve? These are today’s things links that make you go Hmmm. Another