Linkage: Trump is the Fed’s biggest bully

Fed Chair Jerome Powell just wants the economy to grow, but the guy who hired him just wants to play games.

Donald Trump won’t stop making the Fed political again. That’s unfortunate, because the central bank has a hard task ahead of it to steady the economy in a difficult labor market.

I’m sure lots of people can relate to Powell. Office workhorses who just want to get the work done and go home absolutely HATE the higher-up who only plays politics. Except our office politics don’t affect the financial fates of millions of people.

In other political news, Zillow thinks Kentucky is charging it too much to access public records, so it’s deciding to spend a bunch of money on a court battle to reduce those fees.

Zillow is a company that thinks far ahead, so they’ve obviously thought this through. Let’s see where that takes us.

The rest of today’s Linkage features a snapshot update of the mortgage and real estate industries. Enjoy below.

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