Perfect Cardamom Coffee & Family Outweighing Work


Reflections as Sunday work guilt creeps into my perfect cardamom coffee buzz.

It’s 2:58 p.m. on Sunday after the first full business week of the year. Here’s a quick reflection as Sunday work guilt creeps into my perfect cardamom coffee buzz.

Some city street noise woke me up at 5:00 a.m. Despite my colossal plans to get ahead this weekend, I went back to sleep.

My wife and I let our kid sleep in our bed last night because we had started a movie. So when I saw their sleeping bliss this morning, I got back in bed and slept until almost 9:00 a.m.

Then my wife and I woke up and hung out while making breakfast.

She’d gotten some cardamom pods, which contain whole cardamom seeds, which I wanted to grind along with our Philz Turkish coffee beans.

I’m not much of a chef but I’ve embraced my inner barista in my post-boozing years.

A few weeks ago, my mom got us a Chemex coffee “maker” for Christmas. Only prima donna inner-barista embracers could appreciate this thing. And I appreciated every second of the tedious pour-over process to make one “pot” of perfect cardamom coffee.

We talked about how some friends at our kid’s school told me about how deep perfect cardamom coffee really is.

I’d been putting a pinch of store bought cardamom powder into coffee cups before pouring.

We learned that from Philz, a San Francisco place popularized by HBO’s Silicon Valley after all the bajillion-dollar startups started serving Philz in their HQs.

My wife and I were Philz OGs dating back to 2003, when we used to go see Phil at his original store on 24th and Folsom. Once when he ran out of change, we dutifully went and traded 20s for 1s at nearby stores for him. Another time Phil offered lifetime free coffee if we named our soon-to-arrive baby Phil.

But then my friend from the school topped this deep coffee connection, telling me how his mom would grind whole cardamom seeds along with the beans.

So today was the first day we did it.

And the cardamom coffee was perfect indeed.

As was our couple time.

Then we woke up our child, finished the movie, and went to the store.

Now it’s deep into Sunday, and the work guilt is blowing in like a storm.

I have so many things I’m trying to do. So does my wife.

But I wouldn’t — and I must never — trade these moments.

Life and family moments are perfect in a work world that will only ever be disruptive.


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